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IBP has always been committed to providing our clients with the most current and effective solutions to communicate their messaging. Virtual meetings and online content collaboration capabilities are of the utmost importance to global businesses. While in-person engagements with key opinion leaders (KOL) are still the preferred option to provide our clients with the most valuable method of building relationships, virtual solutions can provide a more cost-effective option, with the potential to get up to 90% more advisor engagement in select virtual group settings, compared to in person interactions.


Our team of account managers works with a wide variety of virtual platforms and will work with your team to find the right virtual solution that will exceed your program objectives. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to work with the platform of your choice. IBP is a certified Virtual Engagement Partner of Within3, a virtual engagement platform that gives stakeholders the freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device.

From global webcasts to virtual advisory boards to full virtual conferences, IBP will design a program from start to finish to allow you to focus solely on advancing your therapeutic goals.

Advisory Boards

Hosting a meeting virtually may give even the most confident client anxiety. IBP has vast experience hosting advisory board meetings virtually in a variety of effective formats and platforms that allow for participation without the barrier of travel time and expenses.


Our Association Management Division has developed our virtual conference program to enable professional associations and societies to host regional, national, or international level conferences when in-person attendance is not an option.

Asynchronous Content Collaboration

Bringing together subject matter experts to collaborate on a slide deck or publication can be a tedious process with potential version control issues and misinterpretations. Utilizing a virtual (asynchronous) platform allows for the advisors to provide their review and edits on their own schedule, without ever having to leave their home or office. Collaborators can review each other’s contributions to the project and leave replies to discuss their views.

Discussion Groups

Online discussion groups are a highly effective tool to allow participants to engage in a variety of discussion topics over the course of a 2- to 3-week session, at the convenience of their own schedule. More engagement from more participants is a big win without the burden of travel time and expenses.


Our webcasting capabilities focus on streaming your content through any computer or mobile device. We have conducted a vast number of web-based broadcasts in the past, so we have perfected the game plan. Allow us to make all the necessary arrangements so that your expanded audience may view your presentation from the comfort of their own chairs.


e-Modules are a favorite training tool for healthcare professionals and the sales force alike. They are specifically designed so your company can reach and interact with clients and your internal sales force virtually, at any time.

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With the universal ability to be shared across popular social media platforms, podcasts can help you establish a reputation of expertise in your industry. This form of digital message conveyance uses audio and/or video components to inform audiences in key communities.

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