To help increase interactivity and access to your current and potential customers, IBP offers a wide array of digital services making communication with your market easily accessible 24/7. IBP specializes in Internet-based communications and methods of building your team’s multimedia presence.


e-Modules are a favorite training tool for healthcare professionals and the sales force alike. They are specifically designed so your company can reach and interact with clients and your internal sales force virtually, at any time.

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With the universal ability to be shared across popular social media platforms, podcasts can help you establish a reputation of expertise in your industry. This form of digital message conveyance uses audio and/or video components to inform audiences in key communities.

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Videos, Animations, and Illustrations

A beautiful visual display of how a disease manifests in the body, a product’s mechanism of action, and/or instructions on the use of a medical device can grant the viewer the unique ability to see what’s behind the scenes. These unique 2D or 3D, high-definition formats are both educational and engaging and can be repurposed in various communication streams.

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