When it comes time to reveal your breakthrough and groundbreaking data and ideas to a crowd of industry thought leaders, IBP is ready to organize a professional industry summit together with your team. A professional summit is the perfect event for a brand to display its thoughts and get valuable and constructive feedback from other professionals in the medical, technology, and life science realms.


Unlike an advisory board or association-sponsored congress, a summit is a conference-style gathering of brilliant minds, revolving around a high-profile topic. Experts join together to think critically about the subject and offer their advice about the future of the particular industry and/or topic. Top individuals and groups bring relevant data, innovative ideas, and proper criticisms to the table in hopes of making great strides in a particular therapeutic field. With our assistance, you can bring together brilliant minds and conduct an impactful and power summit.

The Right People

Invitations to key opinion leaders in particular industries is a must to gain pertinent insight. IBP will help you compile your guest list. With all the right people in the same room, real questions get asked and creativity can bloom, allowing you to take in the wisdom of experienced industry professionals and use it to your own team’s advantage.

The Right Plan

Timing plays a great role in convening a professional summit, so you can expect organization for the event to begin as soon as you confirm your decision to convene a summit. With the right amount of preparation and a fool-proof game plan, you and your team can walk away from this gathering with the right information to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

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