Advisory Boards

The next best thing to having a comprehensive team of professionals from your therapeutic area working directly on your team is hosting regular advisory board meetings. Innovative BioPharma has many years of experience organizing and managing these events, successfully keeping clients up to date with industry leaders in their scientific communities.


With an emphasis on receiving critical feedback for your team, we dedicate our wide array of resources to getting the most out of each meeting. Additionally, our team will help you foster positive relationships with the advisors, which is essential for growth and success of your long-term objectives.

A highly interactive discussion format encourages each expert to deliver as much feedback as the allotted time allows. Upon completion of the meeting, IBP will deliver an executive summary to your team, outlining valuable feedback. This report will come complete with strategic and tactical recommendations for your benefit.

Medical and Marketing

Whether your meeting has a medical or a commercial focus, IBP dedicates itself to discerning recent and historic industry trends to help you make the most of your time and your advisors’ time. From patient- and physician-related marketing messages to advanced clinical trial design, it is our duty to help you meet your goal with the right team of advisors in your targeted therapeutic area.

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