Key Opinion Leader Management


Who makes the moves in your industry? Who shakes up the game and steers your sector into a new era of innovation? These influencers, often referred to as key opinion leaders (KOLs), have great insight, foresight, and the ability to reach target groups with your message.

Developing long-term relationships with KOLs is essential to every brand. IBP has extensive experience with developing and maintaining relationships with top experts in a multitude of therapeutic fields and offers identification and mapping services to give you an advantage over your competitors.

IBP has three specific goals regarding KOL development and advocacy to help serve you:

Strengthen existing relationships between opinion leaders and your team

Identify important KOLs within your therapeutic areas

Develop true advocates for your products

KOL Identification and Management

Through extensive peer-to-peer feedback and professional profile review, we are able to recommend the experts with whom you should partner and identify the qualities they bring to the table to best benefit you. Because scientific products are constantly being introduced and the competitive landscape is perpetually changing, keeping up with the key influencers and advocates can give your brand the upper hand.

In addition to identifying target KOLs for you, our team can also geographically map out the location and impact zone of each of these trendsetters. IBP can show you, visually, exact spheres of influence and how you can maximize your potential to work with these KOLs globally, nationally, regionally, or locally.

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