Speaker training and speaker bureau management is an essential function for the healthcare industry. IBP has experience and expertise in developing and executing two types of training: representative and expert speaker.

Representative and Sales Force Speaker Training

IBP specializes in training representatives of your team to become strong communicators of your team’s messaging out in the field. Leading with a consistent, effective message can ensure a profitable future. This is your front line. We prepare this group to be ready to deliver an on-message, confident sales pitch and answer pertinent questions succinctly and with confidence.

Expert Speaker Training

When a spokesperson for your company takes the podium, he or she must do so with great confidence–the type of assurance only an expert in a particular field could achieve. Our team trains individuals to become the most effective speakers and presenters in the industry. They will be trained to motivate to their audience using effective content delivery skills. When audience members leave a meeting or presentation, they will do so inspired by your message

We offer two types of programs for representatives and your speakers

  1. Live meeting(s) for those who can come together at the same time
  2. Digital, e-module version to best suit those with busy schedules and for times when gathering in person is not possible

Both formats allow for your marketing objectives and key messages to be communicated with accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness.

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