Product & Brand Showcasing


Our team specializes in product and brand showcasing by successfully identifying your brand’s voice and using it to design and build your industry conference assets. This approach allows you to demonstrate, display, and publicize your research findings and products at reputable medical conventions. We aim to clearly broadcast your ideas in an eye-catching and engaging manner to create a lasting impression on your target audience. Because you know your product best, our team will work with yours extensively to configure the perfect structure and layout for an effective product launch.

Innovative BioPharma can manage all aspects of showcasing your brand at industry events, but here are a few of the main vehicles for delivering your message:


Compile all your research and resources and present it to a professional audience through a symposium. IBP will assist in organizing and structuring the educational programming for you and your team. Whether you specialize in medical, technology, or another scientific field, we have the tools to prepare and launch an engaging and memorable presentation.

Product and Expert Theaters

These exciting promotional programs allow experts in your specific therapeutic area to present new research findings, conduct product demonstrations, and highlight innovative equipment and services to an audience of healthcare professionals. IBP manages all the planning and execution of hosting a product or expert theater. The only thing you have to worry about is delivering your powerful information.

Poster Presentations

Visually constructing scientific research and key findings for a conference poster presentation can be an important communication tool for your brand. This type of content must be done with both confidence and clarity.

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Exhibitor Booths

Both the structure of your exhibit booth and all the materials found inside it can position your brand to gain the upper hand when your company attends industry conferences. Both your booth and your conference materials can help you attract positive attention while keeping the focus on your key messaging.

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