Field Materials

Innovative BioPharma specializes in customized clinician and consumer content while keeping the symptoms of a typical sales pitch at a minimum. A solid sales pitch incorporates field materials built with a few solid elements: clarity, confidence, detail, and a call to action.

Slide Kits

PowerPoint slide kits are a cornerstone of any healthcare company, used to tell the story of a disease state, product, or compelling new data. Developing these assets can be a work of art, when in the hands of the right artist!

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Sales Materials

Arming your sales force with the right type of materials with the right messaging is of the utmost importance to your brand. These assets can be in both print and digital formats for the most versatility.

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Poster Presentations

Visually representing scientific research and key findings from a medical publication or conference poster presentation can be an important communication tool for your brand. This type of content must be done with both confidence and clarity.

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Case Studies

Real-world examples of healthcare professionals utilizing your product and or device is an impressive method of gaining brand endorsement from your stakeholders.

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