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When it comes to our clients, Innovative BioPharma, LLC ensures productive, cost-effective, and long-lasting professional relationships. We continuously listen to our clients then provide our consulting services to help achieve benchmarks and implement best practices and industry standards.

Our entire team, from accounting to leadership, works as an extension of our clients, at times even fully integrating ourselves at our client’s offices for maximum productivity and support. We establish reliable communication channels with our clients, healthcare professionals, and patients, and continue to maintain an unparalleled reputation as the provider of choice in the life sciences industry both within North America and globally for more than 10 years.

Take a look at some of the clients we have proudly called partners:


  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Abbott Nutrition Health Institute
  • Akcea Therapeutics
  • Amgen
  • Array Biostatistics
  • American Society for Preventive Cardiology
  • Baxter
  • Biogen
  • Brickell Biotech
  • CSL Behring
  • Cypris Medical


  • Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • FCS Foundation
  • Genzyme
  • Kaneka
  • Kastle Therapeutics
  • KOWA Pharmaceuticals
  • Medtronic
  • Nestlé
  • Omnicell
  • TriSalus Life Sciences


Take a look at what our former and current clients are saying about Innovative BioPharma and its services.

“I really appreciate your help with all the logistics for this meeting. I thought things went extremely smoothly! It was great to finally meet you in person. It was nice to contribute to the meeting, but I also really feel like I learned a lot, too–quite a valuable experience all around.”

“Thanks for everything you did to make the trip go flawlessly. I know you had some challenges with the storm and you still managed to have everything in place and wonderfully organized. Hopefully your supervisors and client saw the excellent job that you did. Thanks for the opportunity to participate…”

“I want to say thank you for facilitating this meeting and making it a success. I particularly want to recognize your high professionalism in making sure everything was perfect. One of our KOLs was not going to have dinner when she found out that we were serving fish and pork for dinner (she has a very strong allergy against seafood and doesn’t eat pork).

You kindly insisted and asked her what would she like and jokingly she responded a steak. Few minutes later, the steak came and she just couldn’t believe it; she was pleasantly surprised. Other physicians who were sitting at our table were simply impressed on how quickly you were able to resolve this issue. On behalf of my KOLs, I want to say thank you and I really look forward collaborating with you on some Canadian meetings.”

“Thank you so much for everything. You have been so precious and have truly made a difference in my day. I am forever grateful to you and your team for making this possible and again just want to say thank you.”

“I wanted to thank you for your time and effort on Thursday night. It was a difficult situation that you handled with grace and sensitivity, both of which I appreciate. Additionally, you handled the logistics with the same efficiency and competence with which you handle our meetings, making things so much easier for me and everyone else involved. This was far above what is normally required at these types of meetings and you have my sincere gratitude.”

“I wanted to let you know my impression of the Los Angeles VWD round table. We clearly invited a much higher caliber of physicians to this meeting, which was obvious by the high level of knowledge, engagement, and participation. The presentations were excellent and inspired a great deal of thought and exchange on the part of the participants. Rather than just trotting out the tired case studies as was done last year, the entire format was revised to provide a high quality of information with multiple presenters, interspersed with discussion provoking questions.

I found this to be much more valuable and interesting as opposed to the test after each section, which really just demonstrated how well participants can learn to beat the test. Inviting the FWGBD was a great idea, as was having Dr. [name deleted] present his research on new approaches to testing for bleeding disorders. The meeting logistics were executed flawlessly. The hotel was very pleasant and slightly eccentric, without being overly luxurious. Meals were well-received and breaks were appropriately stocked. We did run over by approximately one hour in the morning during Dr. [name deleted]’s portion. but IBP handled this with efficiency and diplomacy. The result was that we caught up around the noon time frame and ended the meeting on time, without sacrificing the excellent discussion opportunities. I would categorize this as one of the best physician meetings I’ve attended to date and I look forward to attending more.”

“The meeting was wonderful. You and the Innovative BioPharma team did a fantastic job. Everything ran very smoothly, and the food and accommodations were terrific. Please let your team know how much I appreciated the attention to detail!”

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you and your team what a great experience this was, and we are looking at making some changes as we evaluate what the patients may need on discharge related to nutritional support. Kudos for a job well done.”

“You and the Innovative BioPharma team do an excellent job from masterful revising of slides to accommodations! The prior group was good but this group is definitely a cut above.”

“I just wanted to again thank you for a great experience. I learned a lot from our discussions on malnutrition and how it related to readmissions, as well as a wealth of other information. I didn’t have to worry about a thing while I was there. Thanks for taking good care of us.”

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